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creating color effects with the scene builder doesnt work as intended.

It seems to create some weird fade patterns as the various colours change over the units.

Is the colour in the FX builder linked to the lamp brightness fader and not the color fader?

This is the case for my comscans, vizi scan & chauvet intimidator scanners.

Looks like the software mapped incorrectly?
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ok cool... so long as i know what rules im playing with i can understand the boundaries!

working with the extremely limited user manual and virtually no online help... makes this task something of a nightmare for new comers into the game.

even the 'online help' in mydmx 2 doesn work - its greyed out.. assume no online help exists just yet?!

are adj actively working on this software to bring to market the features promised on the box any time soon?

As a mac user i feel somewhat cheated / poor cousin with respect to what the pc version can do - and i appreciate that mac version is new, so i can understand development is required... however, its been a while now since any news or updates...

are adj able to comment on progress, what they are working on and when we might be likely to see a next working version?
well, the online help is me :-D
We are catching up with the Mac because we have to recreate the exact same responce using a completely different OS language. So, there are a lot more bugs in the development process because of that.... We will catch it up and we are making large strides in is. As it comes to discussing what is being done, i am usually the last to the middle man between the user and the design team. Usually im passing on issues and requests to the design return they send me the new updates....

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