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I had created a fixture profile but because of the amount of time I had at the moment, I skipped programming the gobo functions and just left that channel as a simple fader, having to guess which gobo would pop up and at what channel value.  I have since gone back into the same profile and updated everything correctly.  When I delete my first fixture profile and replace it with the new one, my scenes do not do anything for those fixtures.  For instance, the Pan and Tilt channels are On but set at 0, which is not what the original scene called for.  They are the same number of channels, functions, etc. in the updated profile.

Is there a way to delete and re-patch so that the new fixture profiles will work in my existing scenes when I patch them back at the exact same addresses? 

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That is what I tried doing. I tried it once with the exact same profile name and then again using a different profile name but the individual channel values disappear from my scenes.

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Hi, you'd have to delete the fixture from the patch itself, then re-patch using the new profile. The program grabs the profile how it is made when you patch it, if you add stuff to the profile after patching, it doesn't carry into the program.

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This is currently burning me as I used a generic fixture in most of my show file and now, I have to fix the fixture which means I have to reprogram most of my show file. It would be nice if the DMX values could maintain after a fixture swap. I have to admit how I see many programmatic issues that could arise. Though it could be programmatically possible to create a replace fixture feature if the fixtures were the same channel count. OK I am just here dreaming.

It drives me crazy, too. Maybe when creating a custom fixture, I put in the wrong color for a value or the wrong gobo shape and want to fix it, it’s comes to redoing every scene. It’s the same fixture and the same number of channels. It would be nice to have the option to clear out/turn off those channels affected by the patch for all existing scenes or to keep all of the values the same. Something like:

“There are existing scenes with values from channels X to Y, XX to YY, etc. Would you like to keep them or turn the channels off for all scenes?”

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