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I am a singer, musician, guitarist and pianist and I perform in clubs. My show takes place with some performances with guitar in which I am front on stage, other performances with piano are in the back. Among the various light effects, I have two RGB columns from the ADJ DOTZ T PAR SISTEM that I control with a DTPS-FC footswitch and the second column is connected with a dmx cable to the first RGB light column. My need would be to connect two DTPS-FC footswitches in order to control remotely and from two different positions, the lights both from the front position when I sing and play the guitar, and from the back when I sing and play the piano in the rear part of the stage. Is it possible to connect a second cable to the REMOTE OUTPUT interfacing cable between the DTPS-FC footswitch and the RGB DOTZ T PAR SISTEM column to connect a second identical footswitch that I own? Could conflicts arise or worse failures? I opened one of the two footswitches and saw that the 5-pin REMOTE OUTPUT connector has 2 pins which are the power supply coming from the light column and 3 pins which are the DMX signal which sends the footswitch to the column. What could be done? Is there an accessory device on the market that can connect the two footswitches in cascade or parallel? Obviously the commands on the buttons would never occur simultaneously from the two footswitches, but either from one or the other. Thank youfoostswitch DTPS-FCfootswitch DTPS - FC remote output cableColumn RGB DOTZ T PAR SISTEMColumn RGB DOTZ TPAR Sisteminside footswitch DTPS-FC


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  • foostswitch DTPS-FC
  • footswitch DTPS -  FC remote   output  cable
  • Column RGB DOTZ TPAR Sistem
  • inside footswitch DTPS-FC
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