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Well, no, it doesn't.

Equivalent and "the same," as you call it, are two different things. And you say the Wolfmix stores "show files" on board, are you calling a "Project" here a "show file"?

I use GrandMA2 all the time. I know, full well, the difference in the two. Anyone, especially anyone who works in the Industry, who even does so little as look up the price of a Wolfmix controller and the GrandMA2 would know that instantly.

I asked if it's the "equivalent," not if it's "the same."  Two different things, entirely. Does it perform the same function as a "show file" in GMA2?

So, let me start over and try to clear up the confusion.

Is a Project "like," a "show" in GrandMA2. That is, does it do the same thing? Does it store "all the values" for a "production," that is, say, a "90-minute concert of 18 songs," or whatever event that has a beginning, middle, and end, in a single file, or something "like" a "show file," in GMA2, that can be called up, loaded, whatever, from wherever, whenever, and run as a standalone single unit, or "live performance," on a date, at a venue, starting with the first cue of the "show," to the last cue at Curtain?

To paraphrase it: Can I put the values of a complete, cued, "live concert," or "show," of an entertainer, in a "Project" for recall on opening night at a venue?

It's actually a yes or no question.

Thank anyone out there who can answer it for your most gracious help.

So then I believe the answer is yes, everything is contained within the project file for that show, the patch, the positions, colors, presets and live edits are all stored in the show file. there are some settings that may not be copied to the show file like certain options for the global buttons on the right hand side and some DMX port routings, but other than that I believe everything is stored in the show file. 

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