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It may not be that bad, if you can elaborate on the differences between the two project files? Give me more details about what you've done and I'll see what I come up with.
The ability to import a ready to go project, but just add lights is a huge draw to some, for example i use the default Wolfmix project to open a new project file so that way there are a bunch of scenes pre-made ready to go, just need ot tweak to my needs.

I have SHEHDS 100W that I created (I believe that ADJ had blacklisted them) so I saveds some live edits and presets to my project. Then I created another project for my Freedom Stix with presets and tweeks. Now, I can't merge the 2 projects. It would be either I'd open the most difficult fixture to create (SHEHDS) within the project and just add the Freedom Stix fixture and re-tweak them again.

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ok, yes we have banned them from the official library.
Is there a reason why you chose to separate your fixtures into different projects? you have plenty of room to have them both be on the same project and create looks together. This in fact is the goal of the controller, patch all your lights and create full rig looks but you also have the ability to blackout or keep static different groups.

Think of the Preset page as a base layer that must always be there to support the rest. This picture attached is how the WMX1 basically operates its DMX engine, there's certain stuff that is in the base level. for example if you de-select all of the colors for a group in the Static Color part, that groups intensity will be at 0.

But if you want to use a preset that has say a PT effect and color effect, but you want to turn off the color effect, you do so by going to the home page and pressing the button for the color effect for that group, and while that preset is playing, it wont play that effect, but it will play everything else.

My advice is, play around with it after programing more looks into presets and learn how it all responds and flows before thinking something isn't right, because your not sure how it worked just yet.   


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