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Hi Gingles, I'm having this problem with ADJ My DMX 3.0: fix setting everything ok, scenes ok displayed in 3D simulation ok, when I connect everything in live the cob 180 6x 30 pars flash colors and confuse the moving heads, same thing if I control the Haizer, I have already changed the profiles but the same thing happens. Thank you in advance.

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They flash in the real world live in front of you? or in the 3D?
If live in front of you, its maybe a bad DMX cable, or weak DMX signal. You may want to try using a DMX terminator on the last fixture in the line and also consider adding a DMX splitter.booster in the line somewhere. but this def. sounds like a data line issue, not the software.

Ok, well that def. sounds like a DMX line data issue, it could be a bad cable or a setting off on one of the fixtures causing it to send random data down the line.
Start with only ONE fixture cabled into the DMX line and test the software, and then if the first one works, then keep going down the line until you find the problem. This is a standard way to troubleshoot the DMX line.

also things that can cause wonky DMX data, a "Y" split DMX cable, those do NOT work and will cause issues down the line, DMX needs to be redistributed from a DMX source, not just a split cable, I hope that makes sense.  Also using more than 32 DMX fixtures int oa single DMX line of cables is the MAX amount of physical fixtures a DMX line can handle before using a splitter.  Lastly, if your total cable run is well over 100-120 feet or MORE, the DMX source (the hardware interface) is only being powered by USB, it can't push al lthat data so far down a lot of line, this is where a DMX splitter comes in handy. something like these:

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