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Yes it is normal for it to heat up like that but it doesn't necessarily mean it is a good thing.

I won't go into depth because I don't want to repeat the technicalaties - hurts my head too much.

Use the search feature, you'll find this topic has been covered quite a bit.

ROQ out.
I think I understand what you mean:

The display for the Pro-Scratch 2 may show things that are not used in that player. BPM is one of them. When you first turn it on, it 'checks' the LCD display by showing everything on it.

Translated using AltaVista:
L'affichage pour Pro-Rayent 2 peut montrer les choses qui ne sont pas employ�es dans ce joueur. BPM est l'une d'entre elles. Quand vous l'allumez d'abord, il v�rifie l'affichage d'affichage � cristaux liquides en montrant tout l�-dessus.

There is no BPM or beat-sync effects on the Pro-Scratch 2.

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