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Forgive my ignorance.....I am brand new to these lights and lighting in general....

I am setting up 4 pocket pros in master/slave and have a question about "shows"

Ive followed the instructions in the manual to a "T" to activate show 3 but my issue is they begin to dance for about 3 seconds and then just slow right down to a snails pace and very slowly just pan I missing something? I thought they would be going nuts and displaying a :show"!!!

anyone have any quick thoughts or input?


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Hey Toyroom, I had the same issue and I figured out what was wrong. I have 2 pocket pros, one of them worked great I’m show mode, the other when in show mode would do what hours did, begin for like 3 seconds and then go black, with the blue lcd screen saying “adj” like it was no longer in show mode. The first response you got in this forum is correct, first of all, so make sure your sensitivity in sound sense is set higher than 50. Then make sure on the Pri/Sec mode, make sure all your pocket pros are set to primary. That should help. It worked for me

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