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We can make this but due to not knowing the colors from the color wheel it will pretty much only use the color mixing LEDs for color effects, you will have to manipulate the color wheel channel in the Fixtures are of the app.
And profile making is FREE of charge.
I will try my best to get this made and uploaded by end of the day tomorrow. (wednesday, Nov. 15th)

No my apologies, its been very busy, so sorry for the delay. I just sent it to you from my cloud account after making it. See this screen shot embedded and follow the directions below.mydmx GO User Library

Connect the tablet to WIFI with internet, then open the GO app, go to the User icon that is circled in red in the pic attached, and then in the Manufacturer list, you should see _varied, and then after you select it, in the fixtures list you should see "HSL Spot 120", tap it to patch it and download it locally to your device. From there re-connect to the GO’s WIFI and test the profile.

Keep in mind that the manual lacked specific info we need to get this profile working perfectly with the app, so it will work, but you will need to use the fixture section a lot to set specific colors and such.


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  • mydmx GO User Library

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