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Thanks fore your fast response.
The problem is that here in the Netherlands American Audio mixers is not saled very mutch, so i have not found any shop how has got it in stock. And if there would be a shop how got it i have to travel a couple of honderd miles to see him Confused

So i was hoping to find a couple of high resolution images of this mixer so that i get an idee how it looks like Smiler

Or maybe there is sombody reading this how got one him self and would be so nice to take a couple of foto's of it.

(ps Sorry fore my pore Englisch Roll Eyes )
I wasn't even aware that you lived so Far Away.. lol.

And your English is just fine. I wasn't aware there was something wrong with your english either. lol

I will ask Brian our Marketing director to hook up a nice pic PICTURE of the QFX19 here for you.

Keep an EYE out for it.. He will post it soon.
Originally posted by Support:
[qb] How big an image do you want? [/qb]
I am just looking fore some nice pictures on a resonable size so lets say about 700 pixels? but i am happy with every picture that i haven't seen on the internet yet, so if you have got some fore me it would be very nice Smiler

@Brian ADJ
Thank you fore sending me the photo's the look realy nice Smiler

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