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Hi All

This is my first post so if I'm doing anything wrong please let me know.

I'm after some views on the Operator 192 please.

I'm fairly new to DMX so I've been learnig a lot. What I'd like is a fairly standard DMX controller with 12 fixtures that I can trigger the scenes etc. via midi.

I bought a Showtec Scanmaster 3 as my first experiment and it works fine apart from I can only access 6 banks via midi instead of the standard 15 banks. I then upgraded to a Chauvet Obey 40 which accesses all the midi banks I needed and also had a function that every scene could be programmed with change time and fade time. This allows me to trigger eg: bank 1 chase all 8 scenes with preprogrammed timing, ie: slow for slow songs bank 2: fast for fast etc.

Having had a problem with the midi triggering it seems that the Chauvet has useless midi control where it can't handle fast changes. I do a big synth intro with my band that has a type of heart beat where I flash the lighting, that means "on blackout on" within about 0.5 sec.

I would just like to know if the Operator 192 has both good midi control and wether I can preprogram the speed of changes and fades within the scene. That then gives me the ability to just press a single midi key for fast or aother one for slow.

I hope that makes sense

Any experience on this would be great


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