I’m a middle school Theatre teacher with a play contest on Saturday.  We’re using MyDMX, 3 Slim Par 55, and 2 Wash FX.
My 13 year old light operator shut down the myDMX other night before powering down the power strips into which our two Wash FX 2’s were plugged. I think that may have “confused” one of the Wash FX 2 units. Now it powers on immediately to a green strobe, and we can’t control it at all through our myDMX program.
How do I “clear” any settings on the Wash FX 2 and start a new address from scratch again? Do I try readdressing in a different mode and then readdressing, or is there a better or more thorough way.
I tried patching a new show, but it didn’t work.
 Do you have any other suggestions?
We have a seven minute setup at contest, and if the light comes on during setup, that time gets added to our performance time and we could be disqualified. So, if something goes wrong again between tomorrow and Saturday contest, we need to be able to correct it quickly and on the fly.
Can you help?
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Hi, im not exactly sure of the cause, it kinda sounds like something happened to the fixture itself, if it no longer responds to DMX at all, then that points to a data issue issue through the DMX line or the fixture itself. You can try putting the address to the same as the working one and see what happens but if it still does green strobe then i would say something happened to the fixture itself, i would call chauvet and talk to their service guys on advice on troubleshooting a possibly broken unit. I mean if you have perfectly fine control of all the other lights, then it seems to be a fixture issue. 

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