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I have 6 older model Pocket Scans. One needs the magnet sensor replaced.

ADJ part #44L972 !! Z-POCK/SENSOR is discontinued.

I have looked everywhere for this part number and called/emailed ADJ support.

Any suggestions for a substitute/replacement part would be appreciated.



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Hi there, have you determined if it’s just the senor element that needs replacing or the whole board?  If it’s the whole board then you might be out of luck, but if it’s just the single component you should be able to find a suitable replacement as these sensors are very commen in many automated machines - not just lights.  A quick test with a multimeter should tell you the proper voltage of the replacement.  If that’s more than you feel comfortable doing, I’ve seen used Pocket Scans on eBay and Reverb for a reasonable price.  Just buy one of those and part it out.  Good luck!


The 3144 Hall Effect Sensor worked perfectly.

It is available on Ebay for $3.69 a ten pack.

I have attached an outdated pdf spec sheet on the device.

One NOTE: Be incredibly careful when soldering this in place. Pads are small.

Suggest: once in place add some silicon to aid rigidity if holder is not there. 

I installed a transistor socket just so I can replace with easy if torn off again.

Happy Days!!! All six units are working again!


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