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Hi i have a new light fixture again from Kam. would you please do a profile for it Big Grin for my dmx?

..Below is the fixture info that their engineers have given me as info is not avail on their site.

The DJ250 barrel is a four channel control again set the addresses on the DIP switches (Binary): -
DMX Mode will be triggered automatically when DMX signal is detected.

Channel 1 - Pan Movement 0-255 one end of movement to other end, 128 - centre.

Channel 2 - Barrel rotation 0-9 No function.
10-115 Barrel continuous forward rotation from fast to slow.
116-137 No function.
138-245 Barrel continuous backward rotation from slow to fast.
246-255 No function.

Channel 3 - Gobo wheel (With colour). 0-11 White.
12-27 gobo 1
28-43 gobo 2.
44-59 gobo 3.
60-75 gobo 4
76-91 gobo 5.
92-107 gobo 6
108-123 gobo 7.
124-139 gobo 8.
140-255 gobo rotation.

Channel 4 - Shutter/Strobe 0-16 No function.
16-223 shutter open.
224-255 strobe from slow to fast.

Regards Mark Kelly.
I would like to see I can get a profile for the Radiance Hazer by Le Maitre. I am guessing it would be a 2 or 3 channel profile maybe.

Channel 1: Haze
Channel 2: Fan speed
Channel 3: Off/On

The manual does not help at all either with no info about any channels or what they do, plus this fog machine is not on the Le Maitre website anymore. I think they have replaced it with a new version.

If one can not be made, is there anyone able to share theirs if they have it.

Thanks everyone for th help.
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