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I purchased a Vertigo pro 2 which was a mistake for my 14x14 foot in house dance floor. It was way to bright at 300 watts x 2 , do not get a 600watt light for a small room. I returned it and got two small 100 watt items that work perfect. I know you pro's know this already, but I failed to find this info anywhere. I am not a DJ or a light pro, just a homeowner who is throwing a party for new years.
I also went to home depot and got a fully remote system that controls outlets, so I can be anywhere in the house and turn any dance light I want to. I bought a total of 5 outlet modules with one handheld remote, its kinda neat. Im sure after the party I will put it to another use. For mixing my CD's I have Acoustica mixer, it served its purpose well. I know have 5 CD's pre recorded, so I can enjoy the party myself Smiler . Is there anyone on this forum who only does this once a year?

Later Dominic
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well i do a bunch of "smaller parties" in my house besides my regular job as a lighting designer and programmer/jockey. I also have a few more dollars invested into it then one vertigo.

the smartest thing for you to do is this. 1 vertigo, a couple of s-81 strobe lights, a disco ball with one or two pinspot, and a few smaller lights. have a mini-fog (40$) and a pc-100 switch center. that would make your show look the best for the cheapest, and those lights will last you forever.

first thing is the disco ball, the reason why you want this is its your "backbone" of your light show, your show builds off this light.
the s-81 strobe all small as hell and they wont over power any other lights on a small dance floor but they still get the job done.
the vertigo is the "centerpeice" of your show which is the biggest brightest thing in you show. you can also try a light like the mini-aggressor.
the mini-fog will give you fog and is very very very cheap.
the pc-100 has 8 on/off switches and is still cheap.

with you only doing one party a year these lights will last you for years and years.
try it
I have a 12 inch ball, one par can pointed at the ball, one cheap strobe, large fogger, 2 laser widows, 2 48 inch black lights, and two other 100 watt items that give off good effects. That 600 watt vertigo was way to bright! My handheld remote is really neat, I will just carry it in my pocket during the party or dancing Smiler All lights will be controlled by the remote. I would like to get a wireless fogg controller now, if they have them.

putting bright lights in a small white roon is bad.
we painted out 2 car garage a really dark purple, like almost back. we has 4 MX-1's, 2 MX-4's and a miniMAC in there and it looked great. no pics i am sorry. i had told some i would have pics but i ran into a major car issue that took up all day and i had to time to get everything the way i wanted let alone take pics.

the key is to get as little reflection from the room surfaces as possible.
hey speedbump...

i got 6-812's 1 wizard and 4-destroyers, 4-vertigos 1gbeam in my 25x15 bed room with 7ft ceiling and it looks nice..

i think you have to know where to put the stuff and whenn to use them.

by the way a vertigo is NOT 600WATTS, its 300.
just because you got 2 lamps doesnt make it 600.

the vertigo would have to be the brightest cause it would be your centerpeace light, it should shine above all others.

sounds like thats all you need.
Yes it is the X10 system, it is only used to turn on and off the specific lights. My Vertigo pro2 uses 2x 300 watt bulbs, last time I checked thats 600 watts of lighting. Billy D what wattage am I actually using? Anyways the vertigo was to bright for my 14x14 foot area. The X10 was not made for DJs but more for homeowners wanted to turn lights on remotely. The x10 does work perfect in my small situation though. My room has a dark oak wood floor with the walls having white wallpaper on them. Should I get some black paper and cover up the wallpaper temporarily, or will it not make that much difference? Thanks for your help Billy D and the others.

the only thing the white walla will do is creat more room light, which you dont want. but in a small setup like that I wouldnt even worry.
I am doing a club that had white walls and ceilings, they are useing 4-mac250s 8-mx-4s and 2-atomics but its not that bad.

and you are only useing 300watt bulbs so even if you use ten vertigos you still always will still have 300watts.

fort smaller house parites i use two vertigos and 4-812's. nomatter the size. sometimes tthe 812's are cut but the vertigos are always used cause they are awesome.
Dominec, check out the POD series of lights, either the Roto Pod, Color Pod, Lunar Pod, or Active Pod, I highly recommend these lights. They are all only 50 watts and light up a small room nicely. I use them in bigger halls too with much success. A party Gobo light is a nice effect also. There are also Mini gems, Electra II, Rover II, and Reflex which are nice. Saga would be another good one at 100 watts. The Centurian is another 100 watter. Then there is the STARTEC series of lights which are also nice. These lights are also fairly inexpensive so you can pick up mutiples which gives you a really sharp lighting show. A groove wheel is a different effect with its unique oil wheel. I had one of these a while ago and really liked it. American DJ is making quite a few smaller lights for some of us smaller DJ's. Check out the site for more. Almost forgot, get some Torch lights. At least 2. They really set the mood. I have two in my bedroom, one on each end table. Even some of the intelligent lighting can be used in small rooms. The Color 150 RG, The Color 150 DMX, or the Rainbow would be good. Pinspots with a Sound active chase controller, the list goes on. Hope this helps a bit. I like to light up my basement too when not doing gigs in halls.

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