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i have made this guide for new users who are downloading profile fixtures from dropbox and are having trouble importing there profiles. this is a very easy guide to import them into mydmx. here is how to do it.

Step1: open my dmx 2.0 and you will see this screen:

Step 2: you need to import your fixture profile. click on the import tab

Step 3: seelect your profile fixture from the folder or desktop

Step 4: once you have selected the profile fixture it will be imported to mydmx. it will be located in the imported folder. click on the imported folder to find your profiles

Step 5: once you open the imported folder you can select your profile. just drop and drag the profile onto the universe screen and it will look like this

Step 6: from here you just click the editor tab and from there you will see this from here you can edit your lights and make them do what you wish. hope this helps out
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