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Pro Scratch Mixer

Professional scratch DJ, DJ Skilz helped American Audio design this 2-channel, feature packed scratch mixer. The Q-D5MKII features a rugged, long life Optical Fader built to handle the treacherous strain and ware scratch DJs put on crossfaders. The crossfader was factory tested for over 1 million crossfades back-and-forth and never quit working! Other featues include, Rotary Kills, crossfader curve adjustment and balanced XLR outputs. Specification:
� 2 Phono, 2 Lines, 2 Aux & 1 Microphone input
� Balanced Outputs
� Fader �Q� Start
� Long-life Optical Fader (Crossfader)
� Cross Fader curve knob (short to long crossfade) with reverse crossfade button
� Independent curve for channals 1 & 2 (short to long curve) with reverse button
� Gain, Treble, Mid & Bass control for each channel
� -30 dB Rotary Kills for Treble, Mid & Bass
� 100% Cut of Treble, Mid & Bass
� DJ Mic with Volume, Treble and Bass knobs
� Dimensions: 10� W x 12.25� D x 3.25� H / 254x311x82.5mm
� Weight: 6.5 lbs. / 3 kg.
� 115V/230V switchable voltage selector
Price: $219.95
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Yo man you will probably love the QD 5 better tha the vestax because it has a 3 band EQ. The crossfader is butter. You can reverse the crossfader and you can cut with the upfaders as well. I use this mixer with my Techs. I need to get a new one to match my SL1210' know gotta coordinate Big Grin . Dope mixer....
I don't really know the difference...I do know that the regular QD 5 is dope. It does not have a monitor section if you choose to have mains and monitor seperates. It is strictly a cutting and scratching mixer. The crossfader is smooth, the up faders are smooth. Reverse for hamster switch capability. You should be straight man. If someone has more info hopefully they will chime in. Cool
Yea man I'm looking forward to getting this mixer real soon. Also was looking into it in more detail and it has an optical fader....they last a loooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggggg time!!! but I'm mad cause I didn't get the black Q-D5...I got the silver one Confused Mad it's all good are the kills though????
Everybody....I have an anouncement to make.......MY Q-D5 HAS JUST ARRIVED!!! I GOT IT TODAY...I only took 7 days which is not bad at all!!! I can't wait to try it out tommorrow night at my gig!!! question....if I want to adjust my crossfader from long to short, do I have to adjust channel 1 and channel 2 as well? or just the main crossfader switch???

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