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We are new with this software and lighting fixtures. We recently acquired a lighting system using DMX 3. We have 4 moving heads from Becen (300 watt, I believe). In DMX 3, when we select these heads and choose the pan/tilt effect, we only get movement in channels 3 and 4. The Becen manual indicates that these channels are the Y axis tilt (fast and slow) for the heads. The DMX software shows these channels as pan and tilt. There seems to be a mismatch. We're told that these heads are new on the market so my suspicion is that the software is not understanding the new heads. Is there a patch or driver that we should have so the software and heads understand each other? Thanks.

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Did you re-name the fixtures after they were patched?
Also the "software" doesn't detect anything at all, just that its hardware is plugged in and the license to output DMX is there, there is no communication between the lights and the software it is all just DMX data going out of the hardware to the lights, its up to you the programmer to know for certain that you have the right lights patched, and in the right channel operating mode, and at the correct DMX address. If the profile is wrong we can fix it, but we need to know the exact profile that you have used so we can find it and fix it, i looked up "obc spot" and obc.
Try hovering your mouse over the fixture in the patch and there should be a pop up bubble of info that tells you the real name of the fixture. Like the one attached to my reply here.


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Somebody must have imported them manually or something, cause that profile doesn't exist in our library as standard, you can find the profile manually in the library in the Mac finder window by going too: New finder window>applications>MyDMX3>ScanLibrary and then find the folder that has the profile you are using, as well as upload a copy of your show file .DVC file to a reply post and i can maybe extract it and look at your show file that way as well.

This is starting to click now. The ssl2 files are the profiles and I need to find one that matches our moving heads. I don't see a Becen folder (unless they're a subsidiary of another company) but perhaps the Generic or Varied folder will have something. The generic profiles appear to be named after the features of the lighting fixtures so I'll compare those to what I know about our moving heads. Thanks again.


OK, so I looked at just the OBC spot profile and it was made incorrectly, they didn't make the FINE pan and tilt channels correctly at all. I can fix it easily, but you will need to delete them from your patch, and then re-patch the lights using MY profile and then you will need to re-program anything that used them. Just telling you upfront.
I will reply with a fixed profile in a bit.

Ok, so good news and bad news, i fixed the PT channel, and also cleaned up the strobe channel.
But the bad news is, the manual is so lacking in detail, I couldn't make the profile be 100% reflective of a spot fixture, so there's no gobos or colors etc.
Also I renamed it to the brand of light.
But until a fully detailed manual is presented, this is the best we can do for you.


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