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I am kind of new to this whole thing so please don't be mad if my question is dumb.

I hooked up the myDMX-RM to my MacPro via USB. Installed the Software and the licenses - everything worked.

I programmed some scenes - all good.

Just the other day the interface suddenly stoped working altogether. the preset lights on the front did work but the indicator lights did nothing. I changed USB ports and cables, I changed the computer to see wether the device would be recognised with another machine as an usb device.....nothing.

I let it sit for 3 days - now it is recognised again in the myDMX software but not in the hardware manager - but it does not really work. my lights won't react to any command send. I did not change any dresses (neither on the devices nor in the patch area of myDMX.....

I tend to think this is an Hardware Issue but I wanted to ask you guys wether anyone has similar experiences or any idea how to fix this ......

thanks for any input!



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