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Is there a way to directly import chases created with MyDMX (or Compulive) to a DMX Duo or DMX Partner? I know you can do it manually by making the chases with the software and exexcuting them one scene at a time from the software and then recording each scene to make a chase.

Is there (or could someone write something) a way just to export a chase file and use the RS-232 software for the Duo / Partner to import them. It would save a lot of time.
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MyDMX doesn't use chases in the same way as a lighting controller would use them.

The consoles work on a single-step scene based system. This is all well and good provided you can do what you want within those limitations.

Since MyDMX is also scene based, scenes in MyDMX can contain multiple steps, which is more of an equivalent to a chase, but isn't exactly a chase. I don't think it would be entirely possible to convert MyDMX data to a DMX Duo or DMX Partner UNLESS it was the single-step kind of scene, or you want a complicated MyDMX scene broken into multiple scenes and then turned into a chase.

Of course, your best bet would be to have such a package that could do the conversion written or produced by ADJ. Mainly since they have access to the data file formats, it would make sense for ADJ to retain this information internally in order to create such a software application. Of course, it may not possible, but then again it could be.

I think you might want to share a bit more information with how you would want to implement this. It may help people find answers for you, assuming there is a better answer than "no".

The option of releasing tons of information to developers is that it might open up a platform that ADJ might have wished to remain more closed.
It shouldn't be hard -- a "scene" in MYDMX is a series of still scenes. a "Chase" or "Show" in DMX PArtner or DMX Duo (now called a DMX Recorder) is equal to a My DMX Scene.

There ouught to be a conversion program or modem software to map these scenes to a chase bank in the DMX Recorder.

It might be a variation of the modem software already available for them.

I imagine there would be different configuration files (ability to save different configurations). You would see a picture or a list of available banks on each controller (they are almost the same) -- or maybe a toggle switch as to which controller you are using. Then there would be an import command to import a Scene file from MyDMX and map to one of the scenes or shows. There would also be an "upload" and "download" comman as in the RS232 software that exists now. We can then give a preprogrammed dmx recorder with the master chases developed in MyDMX -- which is more visual.

This is something ADJ should do -- it enhances three products.

Right now, I would have to play each scene in my DMX connected to a DMX receord and record each one mannually, advancing to the next step - rather time consuming.

Jingles -- any progress on this.
Well let me state this first. a scene in my dmx is a scene till you start adding steps to the scene. then it gets into more of like a chase or a sequence scene and those type of scene data it produces will not transfer over from the light data folder on my dmx to your dmx recorder. I believe you can use the RS232 software to port static only scenes from my dmx and compu live to the partner.

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