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I've been playing with MyDMX on and off for about 3 weeks since I downloaded it. I've even done some "advanced" things like make my own fixture profiles. I haven't fully explored the product yet, but I liked what I saw, so I bought it.

So, for those of you doing the "try before you buy" thing, let me fill you in should you make the plunge: Plug in the USB box and that's it. The software switches from Demo mode to USB mode. The main difference is NOW I can send DMX signal and see if what I did works right. Cool.

This reminds me of another software packge. Of course, it's a security package for large corporations. Even the free trial download is the full version(which times out after 30 days without a license key), and the way to enable features is to purchase the correct license keys, so it can go from small to massive with a feature key enable.

ADJ: Cool move. I like it. Well, duh, I like it. I bought it. Heck might even bold the dongle to my laptop!

Just keep in mind, if you want to realize your lighting designs, you MUST purchase the MyDMX package so you can get the dongle.

I'm buying Sonar next week to test MIDI stuff plus have that as a tool for live events. Never know when I might have to do a SysEx dump or restore.
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