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Hey there! So, my box suddenly decided to stop working and now it's showing up as "CRP DISABLD" on my G: drive. Pretty frustrating, Anyway, after some research, I discovered that this usually happens when certain NXP processors either have their pins set to force them into "CRP DISABLD" mode or when the firmware gets messed up (as well as maybe niche hardware issues?)

I'm not an NXP expert, but I'm studying embedded systems in school, so I'm giving it a shot. Fixing this seems to involve deleting the corrupted firmware file from the "virtual drive" it creates and then replacing it with a fresh one. So, I tried that with the SIUDI-9M firmware file from the hardware manager, but no success. For those wondering you can open the LSFIRM files from hardware manager with a zip program to get the firmware bins. It's got me thinking there might be more to it than just swapping out the firmware. The SIUDI-9M firmware file is only 35kb, which seems small to me for the whole thing but it's possible it is. Just as an aside CRP is short for Code Read Protection.

I'm suspicious if the flash were starting to go bad maybe I'd get CRP DISABLD too? I'd be tempted to try and get my hands on another LPC11u37F and replace the chip but I'm pretty sure the key is flashed somewhere on the chip for the dmx software to check licenses.

For those curious, at least the MyDMX 3.0 box I have - runs on an NXP LPC11u37F 32-bit processor. And there's this sticker with "SIUDI-9M" above it, which is standard naming for Nicolaudie group hardware. As for headers on the board they've got a standard 10 pin JTAG header named P1, a 5 pin UART ISP header named P4 and a 3 pin header that just has power, ground and PIO0_3 which is related to booting it to use ISP from the sounds of it.

Screenshot 2024-05-12 180813Screenshot 2024-05-12 180901

So, I'm determined to resurrect my box, it's turned more into a journey of sheer stubbornness.  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying everything I can think of before calling it quits. though I suspect I might be dead in the water unless ADJ will confirm if I'm missing something firmware-wise.


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  • Screenshot 2024-05-12 180813
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