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Are you using a USB hub? Is the USB hub passive(no power) or powered(has a power supply)? I suggest if at all possible plugging the MyDMX hardware directly into the computer. Short of that, since it must be USB powered, a powered USB 2.0 hub would be my advise.

Also, try a different USB cable. There was a report of a batch of bad cables. I found my cable that came with my purchase of MyDMX, but in my case, it has been found to be operating within operational expectations. Even so, I don't use that cable because I have a longer one that is more flexible and durable that I prefer to use. Most people seem to have an A-B USB cable laying around due to their various purchases of computer hardware, so hopefully this is your situation as well. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase a cable or borrow one. I'd suggest borrowing one for the time being if you need to test.

You did do the installs as a local or network administrator, right? You also did the installs with the hardware not plugged in, right? Make sure you totally uninstall MyDMX, reboot. Then re-install using the latest stuff via the web site.

Report back. Hopefully you have some news or insights on your situation.
the softwear is there and it opens and functions
when I connect the device it powers and it lights but it ask to put the cd to install the driver then when i put the cd it gives message that windows failed to install the driver.even when I uninstall it and re boot and install it one more time with differnet sources like from the website or from the cd it gives the same message
Did you try the file on that open directory I listed? It is apparently the latest version. Unzip that.

Chances are you can cancel your drive install that Windows tries to do automatically and then manually install the drive. But lacking Vista, I can't give a better walk-thru. I think specifying the 64-bit drive will make this work better.

Sorry I can't return your phone call, I am slammed with tech support for some networks today while I am also watching my 3 small kids and having to power through scanning slides. I've been on the phone almost all day.

(I have no issues or problems with ADJ forum users contacting me via phone, just so we're clear on that! It's not a problem)

Sorry I can't do better. Just slammed right now.
I got a nice call I think on Sunday from someone who also reads the forums. He needed a bit of clarification on using MIDI. That was a fun call, but I had the time to take that call that day.

After I got done scanning slides, I had to move my old Pro Tools system out of the rack it lives in and onto a set of rack rails. I am now in the process of wiring the new gear into that recycled rack. It has to be certified and ready to roll by Thursday as it goes into live production for Saturday. I've also got to get some video and photos edited for web site updates before Friday. My difficult objective for Wednesday is to acquire or create two custom antennal cables(UHF to BNC, 50 ohms) and make two custom XLR cables(M-M shortie and a F-F long). Difficult to get out of the house during the week, and lots of preparation for a marathon festival event for Saturday.

I feel bad I couldn't return the call, but unfortinately, I have to prioritize. Right now it's projects and sound, even though I'm doing tons of work with MyDMX right now.

After this weekend(or maybe earlier), I have to take another break from this forum to deal with other busy projects that must be addressed and resolved.

As I said, I don't mind the calls. I like to help folks out.

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