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So I finally got my hands on the new My DMX 2 software after waiting literally years for a Mac version. I have found a major bug that makes it pretty much unusable. After setting up all my fixtures and getting everything the way I liked it I saved my set up as a .dlm file. When I went back to open my saved work it crashes the program and will not under any circumstances re-open my saved setup. I tried it multiple times and on multiple computers with different operating systems. Same problem. So, long story short after waiting years it appears that I will be waiting even longer for someone to fix this bug. As it stands now the software is unusable because who wants to setup everything every time you reopen the software? Please help ADJ! Fix this if you can. Help me Tom Cruise!
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Sounds like I'm in trouble. I pre-ordered it two months ago and I got a call yesterday saying it was in so I ran down and picked it up straight from your warehouse. I didn't know I was getting anything early I was just told mine was ready and I went and got it. I don't mean to slam it on day one, I was just looking for help with this bug I'm having. I does appear to be great software in all other respects. My post wasn't intended to be a bad review at all but merely to get it up and working since I have been so excited to finally have it. So anyone that reads this I hope you still go out and get it but for now mine doesn't work.
Wheeew, I thought the ADJ police were gonna come visit me. The date is June 12, 2012. I hope you can help James. I can't wait to put it to use in my setup. As of right now I can't even open the software because it tries to open my last saved setup right when opening the software and since it crashes the software when it tries to do that well . . . you know. Anyway I appreciate your help and anything you can do. I can provide my computer specs if you need.

I don't mean to be high maintenance but I wanted to ask another question regarding the SSL2 Editor mentioned. I don't see that anywhere in the software. Is that the like the fixture editor in Compuware? My hunch is that wasn't included in the Mac version. I only ask because I wanted to make a profile for my 4 new Inno Color Beams and couldn't find it anywhere. Sorry if I'm dumping a bunch of stuff on you. Hey, just delete my post if you want I won't' blame you!
Hi Bill.
What Mac OS are you on? !0.6? 10.7? Let me know.
Also as far as the Scan library editor, Unfortunetly for now that is not gonna be on the Mac release. We WILL have it for Mac but at this time it is not available upon launch.
go to whereever your saved .dlm file is stored on your mac and delete it and then try to launch the program and see if it still tries to load it.
Or send it to me in an email and i'll check it out on my Mac release.
jamesk at americandj dot com
I hope to help you resolve this as quick as we can.

Well I'm glad you are leaving even if you will hang around for a while. Who will take over this mess?

As far as MY DMX 2 goes. I think I may just return it if there is no fix in site for the Mac version. I really wanted this software for my Mac but right now it's just sitting here. I may go for the Elation version. I know this stuff takes time but is there any fix in sight? Thanks.
If you look in the "Important Announcements" section, I have named my predecessor of sorts. lol
We are trying to get a update out that has multiple fixes and XP support as well. But these things can take a little bit of time. All I can do is ask for your patience. Smiler I will try to get a beta release for Mac and post it.
I had this problem to start and was helped by James and friends to get it sorted out. The fix worked for a while but has unfortunately returned with a vengeance. I too was unable to get the saved shows etc to reopen at my last gig. I am willing to be patient for one more round of Beta testing because I ultimately believe that ADJ puts out quality products and I want the Mac software to succeed. I only hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks Jeffrey.

I know how you feel. Stick with the DMX though, ultimately it will pay off as your shows will improve. I have used different DMX software and found them ALL to have problems of some sort or another. The thing that I want American DJ to know is that (without starting the Mac vs. PC fight) people that use Macs are used to things working. MyDMX is the only piece of software that I have had "crash" on my mac in years. People (especially DJ's) use macs because of their reliability and have come to expect that of the software as well. Sadly MyDMX still does not work for me even with the recent beta BUT they are working on it and I believe they will get it right. As I mentioned though, I can't wait forever and will move on if it can't get resolved soon. This is a version 1.0 (for the mac anyway) and it's reasonable to expect some issues. Personally I think they rushed shipment because it obviously isn't ready. Everyone I know that bought it has the same problem and it's one that makes the software unusable. I have been a long time adj fan and customer so I am going to wait it out because they have good people on this that do care but I have a business to run and will make my decisions based on that first. Take it easy.
Thanks, I'll stick it out for now. I've managed to get around the file opening problem by saving every few minutes with a different name.

Two MASSIVE problems which are ruining this software for me though...

1) Scenes apply to ALL channels!! This is BS! I want the S key to turn strobe on and off. SIMPLE. That's BASIC shit! I don't want it to kill all my other lights.

2) Scenes should NOT have a mandatory loop. Where is the "NO LOOP" option?

Forget all the fancy visualisation nonsense, it's all pointless if the basics don't work.

Nice to know they are developing it though - gives me some confidence.

Bill and Matt,
again, thank you for the patience and overall trust in our products. It has been a long time coming for this software, long time in that Mac talks in a completely different language than PC does. As well as it is harder to change peramiters and such within a program (mac doesnt like that where a PC just accepts what you tell it) With that said, we are working out the bugs...we WILL work out the bugs is a better way of saying it. Just a little while longer and we will see a major improvement in the software and overal happieness in all of you that trust in our products. Thank you all again. looking forward to seeing those happy posts when we get this all figured out for you

The fact that you are replying here and helping me via email is the sole reason I'm not swapping the software for something else. I do have confidence in you and ADJ for sure.

Please promise me that the 2 issues I mention above will be fixed though (no loops on scenes, and deselect some channels for certain scenes).

MYDMX 2.0 is super buggy on PC. Stupid example: I set the number of loops to "1", and MyDMX clearly shows "1" in on the loop but. But, amazingly, when I click on the button, MYDMX 2.0 loops two times, not 1. When the button says "2", MyDMX loops 3 times. How stupid is this? This problem doesn't occur in the mydmx 1.0. I super pissed off because I spent 300 dollars to upgrade to this piece of shit !

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