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Hi everyone,

Ive got a big problem at the moment, i’m programming lights for a conference and i am using MyDMX and using 2 APC Mini MIDI controllers with faders and buttons.

The first controller connects perfectly fine and i can map midi commands to it but when i connect a second midi controller of the same type MyDMX can see it in the device section but i cannot map anything to the faders or buttons.

I hope someone could help me

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found a reference on another forum.... talked about just this type of problem.

they suggested - software = “midi translator pro”

free down load lets you play for 20 minutes at a time...

$64 US to buy it...

goto “youtube” - Bome midi translator pro -   and watch the 2nd video on how to “create a project” ....  its about this ...... where the program gets a message and then changes it from midi channel “X” to midi channel “Y” and keeps the rest of the message as is.....


I just got this to work with our 2 APC mini’s

I put one thru the “translator” and let the other just go straight in....

been running for a short time.... about to map the outputs back and see

how that works to run “indicators”


Hope there is a better way with MyDMX....  it’s alot more friendly !!!!!


Dont know if this is a possible help for you???  or too late ?????




found on this question somewhat answered...they were using a “novation launch pad” and a “APC mini”....

i had a variation of this kind of working, but mydmx3 was crashing after 10 or 15 am goin to see if i can figure this out...

still working with free trail version of “midi translator pro” from

((( did you find another solution???)))

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Now have both  Akai APC mini’s working with mydmx 3.0....   Buttons and sliders.  Have been testing for a couple of days and so far doing fine ( no crashes)

Passing both mini’s thru the “midi translator plus” from  First one is just passed thru and the second one is changed from “midi channel 1” to “midi channel 2” so “mydmx 3” can tell the difference.

Had watched some video’s on “youtube” - but ended up reading the Bome manual -and that helped ( go figure).....

Will post details when I get some pictures I can attach....

attached pictures show a ruff overview of what I did to get 2 Akai APC Mini’s to talk to Mydmx 3.0 using Bome “midi translator plus”.       There are most likely other ways - but this seems to be working for us.

Mydmx 3.0 - handles one Akai APC Mini great now.....    hopefully in a future update it could handle more !!!!!!!!


hope this might help you!!!!   If you find a better way - let me know !!!!!!!


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Hi, thanks for your Topic. Two questions: Can I put more midicontrollers? So 3 or4? I have akay apc mini, akay apc 40 and akay apc 40 mkII... And I don't understand if you do with the trial version or tuo have paid. And last: After you have programming the midi controllers with the bome software, You turn it off? and all works good with mydmx or do you have to turn it on with my dmx in your show? (sorry I'm italian, I hope you can understand

Thak you so much

Hi Michele TS

I thiink that you could add many midi-controllers.  I hope that somewhere on Mydmx’s list is to upgrade their software to help us do it easier.   As in what I wrote up I used 2 - AKAI APC Mini’s - but my brother had a apc 40 mkII for a while, so from what I saw of it, I believe it would work fine also.

The little I have done so far with these midi-controllers - they will not allow to to “set” what midi-channel they are going to send their information out on.  They all seem to send out their data on Channel “1” and expect an answer back on “channel 1”.   So Mydmx 3.0 can’t tell the difference in which one is talking to it.

Some how Bome software can identify each “midi-controller” by the USB port it’s plugged into >>>>>>>>>>>( wish Mydmx 3.0 could ).<<<<<<<<<<<<

So - yes - as you guessed, You set up Bome Translator to run everytime you start and it captures the data from the “midi-controllers” and then passes the updated data on to Mydmx 3.0.

 - There were 5 translators for each Midi-Controller.

-  Since I had 2,  I ended up 10 translators

-  With 3 Midi-controllers you would end up with 15

the first midi-controller I just had Bome pass the data to Mydmx and then pass the responses back.

For the second midi-controller -  Bome software -knows it - and just changes the channel number from “Channel 1”  to  “ Channel 2”.  Mydmx recognizes it’s a different unit, because it’s on “Channel 2”.  Mydmx processes it and sends an answer back on “channel 2”.  You then have Bome Translator watch for it.  When it sees something coming back on “Channel 2” - it changes it back to “Channel 1” and then sends it back to the correct “midi-controller”.

For third midi-controller - it would be same - just change incoming “Channel 1” to ”Channel 3”

Hope you could read this!!!   Your English was very good !!!!!

Working with this helps me keep distracted during all this Corona Virus Stuff.Best wishes to you!


I haven’t bought the software yet, I still play for 20 minutes at a time in “trial” mode.

Yes I can see I might end up wanting more than 2 midi-controllers.

I’m going to try and attach my file, for Bome Midi Translator Pro - which will have my translators for my 2 “mini’s” - 

Let me know if it works for you !!!!!


 For the attachment - open it in notepad (windows 10) and save this to a file ending in ********.bmtp

as you can see mine was called “ 2 Akai minis - midi translator.bmtp”

then you can open it with BOME software.


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