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I have the program mydmx go app  and the myDMX GO WiFi DMX device for 3 days now. I adding 4 phantom 50 led spot  (Showtec) in the fixture.

Is het possible to get the movingheads some dimming intensity fx  (fade in fade out dimming) something like a loop effect or is it only possible with ledspots?

I can't nothing found on youtube for a instruction how to do that.

One more thing...  if i using the blackout function holding de button till it get orange  and i want it get it back the movingheads still blackout on/off blackout nothing happens  lights keep out. ( i think its a bug in the programming?)

I hope someone can help me!

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So there is no option for movingheads in turning go on and off dimming 100% / till 0% fading  only for led spots, dimmingpacks and ledbars as in the right wheel ( sparkle, knight ridder effects) in the future is het possible to make that in the mydmx go app?

Blackout function:
if I do that the lights will not get on for the phantom moving heads.

A note from the development team of the mydmx GO app: 

"It could be a channel assignment/preset type issue. Can the customer provide the fixture name (there’s a mk1 and mk2)? And the channel mode they are using (there’s 13ch and 8ch in mk1)? And can they confirm if this is Android or iPad? 

I’ve done a quick test for the 13ch and 8ch mk1 version of Showtec Phantom 50 LED and can see that the DMX values are responding correctly. The shutter triggers value 1 which is shutter closed, and the dimmer triggers value 0 which is no output."

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