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Hey all,

I have a Pro1000 (if you didnt see my last post) and i just started noticing this little thing that keeps happening.

Like if i have a track cued up on side 2 and i let the song playing on side 1 play out to the end, side 2 automatically starts playing. not that this is a super big deal, but i sometimes let side 1 play out and make an announcement, or something similar and then play side 2, but on these it just plays straight through to side 2.

I consulted the manual, but it says Flip Flop will only work with a Q series mixer, i dont own a AA mixer, but it happens anyway. Can anyone explain this?

Also, (i know, too many questions) American Audio but some little rack ears on back of the face of the draws (i guess for support), this makes so they wont fit in my rack. The squeeze is so tight, i dont want to just slam it in the rack. Would i void my warranty by removing these? or should i modify my rack?

Sorry for the long post.
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AAF One,

I think my Pro1000 may actually be broken. I was looking through my manual and i noticed where it said how to find out my firmware version, and in the manual it said it would be xxxx, but its actually not.

I also, saved some settings on it, that now i would like to change, and i tried to reset the internal memory (by holding the searchwheel counter-clockwise and powering up) but that was unsuccesful, as it booted normally with all my saved settings intact.

Back to the Flip Flop thing, is there anyway to turn this off? It does me very little good to try and use it in continuous mode, as then it will just play the next track. I want it to play the current track to the end, and stop all playback, hence the "Single" function.

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