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Hey guys. New to the board. But been reading it for quite a while. I currently have a rig of 12 Ultrascans, 8 Snap Shot IIs, 4 Dj Scans, 2 Rgs, 2 Super Foggers , some snow and foam machines, 4 electras, and 4 widows. I want to phase out the DJ Scans because they are way too choppy in terms of movement. Mind you they are great starter lights! Research has led me to the Mighty scan fixture. Just want to know all the pros and cons of the light before I purchase. I intend on getting 8 or so then another 4 Ultras.
Also, does anyone know where I can do an official Exam in lighting to get say a certificate or a rating in DMX?


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I have two mighty scans and I would say they are fantastic lights because they have plenty of colors and gobos and the movement is quite smooth. I have had no problems with them at all and they are well built fixtures (built in germany) It provides alot of versatility. BUT I would have to agree with freestyle that you may want to check out the concept II since it has a 250 Watt sicharge lamp which is brighter than the 250 watt ELC lamp in the mighty scan. Also the light is equipped with a laser and happens to be 10lbs lighter. I must admit even though I have the mighty scans, the concepts look like a very nice replacement or minor upgrade.
MIGHTYS are great!!!

P.S Cant wait till the autospots!!!!
Thanks Guys! I actually just downloaded the videos for the concept 2 and the Autospot! Really fantastic lights! Discharge lamps are far more efficient than the Halogen or Quartz Halogen. I know that the Auto Spot is to be released Jan 7 2003. But when is the Concept 2 going to be released? Also, is there a marked difference betweeen the 150 watt discharge and the 250 watt discharge? Thirdly, does anyone know where I can get a Sky light

Thanks again guys. This forum is really helping us out!
Originally posted by Drew:
[qb]YES, there is a huge differece in 150w discharge and a 250w discharge. The 250 is much brighter.

Id say a 150 discharge puts out as much light as a 250-300w halogen, and a 250 discharge puts out as much as a 400w halogen.[/qb]

I don't totally agree with this assessment. Optics comes into play here. Usually, the optics in a fixture utilizing a 150w discharge style lamp has better optics than a 250w halogen lamped fixture. In my experience, the 150w discharge lamp equipped fixture blows away any 250w to 300w halogen lamp unit.

Also, lets not forget color temperature either. You have a much hotter temp and consequently much purer colors with a discharge lamp...this is also "perceived" as brighter to the eye.

How much brighter is the 250 over the 150? Quite a difference if you have the lights mounted VERY high or some distance from the floor. In most mobile applications, I wouldn't neccessarily call it a huge difference for the relatively short throws we deal with in most cases, but it is noticeable to be sure.

Originally posted by dj-amproductions:
[qb]It's official. The mighty scans are discontinued Frowner . Howvwer the light replacing the mighty scans are the concept 2's. I have seent hem in action and they are very cool. I'm still kinda sad though...I wanted to get some in the future.


hope they don't discontinue the pocket scan sometime soon! Wink

just to view the light movie (if there is one) search 4 that light and at the bottom of the page w/ the specs. there should be at least 2 or three links of a PDF file, movie(s). Wink

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