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Yeah not to well thought out!

running ableton and MyDmx on the same computer via IAC
and running Arkaos on another computer

i guess i cant use any midi controller at all , not even the apc40, because MYDMX listens for any midi command, you would think that AdJ engineers would at the very least include the function to choose what mydmx is looking at in terms of Midi, or include some kind of channel filter, this is the most basic function in any program, and should be easy to implement

hitting any button on an APC 40 triggers a scene
rendering it useless.........

please ask your guys to make this a priority in their next software revision, i know i'm not the only one that is running into this issue
try playing with it via IAC on the same machine as ableton or any other daw, if you have a controller that uses channel one as its global channel such as an ApC40 mydmx will see any and all button pushes whether its assigned or not.

mydmx will see and hear anything on channel 1 regardless whether it was assigned or not
it would be a good idea to and the functionality to select global channel in mydmx, larger systems require this

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