I've been testing my VMS4.1 which I purchased last September at the BPM show in Birmingham.

I haven't used it yet at a gig because I've been learning how to use virtual DJ.

My problem is last night whilst testing my rig, I starting testing the microphone channels on the VMS 4.1 and was surprised to find they were very noisy. Further experimentation led me to discover that the EQ section behaves very strangely. Most EQ sections on every desk I've ever used give a +/- db of attenuation at particular frequencies, i.e if you turn down the treble the high frequencies are reduced by a percentage for example +/- 15db @ 10kHz.

However on my VMS 4.1 the eq controls appear to give 100% attenuation of a particular band. So if I turn down low, mid and high I actually don't get any output from the microphone.

Also if I turn up any of the eq controls much past 10% I get a pronounced hissing noise from the each filter. This happens on both mic channels, with or without the microphone connected.

Does any one else have this problem, or is this a fault ? Does any one have the actual specification for these controls ?

Any help appreciated.

Best Regards
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I recived this mail back from ADJ ...........


and thanks for your mail.

It seems like a problem with the ground of the mic inputs.

Please contact your dealer for arepair . They will forward the unit to us so we can modify.

Sorry for this problem.

We will do our best to get it fixed as fast as we can.

Many Regards, Met vriendelijke groet, Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Peter Breuer

ADJ Group

By the sound of the email they are aware of a problem with the unit as they suggest it needs to be modified, anyway it was sent off on wednesday so heres hoping it gets returned quickly Smiler i will let you know what it sounds like when i get it back.
Don't know if this will help or not, on my new 4.1 I couldn't get any sound from the mic and found out that the Mic's are hard wired inside the controler. On my setup I had to plug in the A/C adapter to get them to work. I don't think the USB from the laptop supplied enough power, could be the same issue with crappy sound.
Just a little update al-be-it a bit late,

I ended up sending the unit off for repair, ( some time ago now ), american audio were unable to find a fault, it was returned to me, the shop where I bought the unit agreed with m there wasstill an issue and rearranged for it to go back again, this time ADJ sent a new unit, this unit did have the same issue.

I now assume all vms4.1's must have the same sound when the mic channels are turned on so I've just lived with it.

To be fair it is quite minor issue and i broadcast on the internet every week using it and no one complains, still love the unit and ive not had any other problems with it, also ADJ turn around for the repair process was very fast. .
Although the tread old, I still have a solution to work around the noisy mic input stage.

The problem is built in the VMS4.1, because the noise comes without a connected mic as well.

Turn all your mic EQ knobs to 9 o'clock.
Turn mic input gains to the max.

With these settings I don't get no distortion and frying on my mics any more and I found a little feature the manual doesn't show.
The light in the mic buttons are working as mic clip indicator, the light goes dark with a clip.

I use the VMS4.1 for broadcast, this was the solution for me to get the two mic inputs acceptable.

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