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I just purchased this player last week, and used it for my first gigs this weekend. Awesome player with tons of features, but my problem is this: the drives had trouble reading my mp3 discs, and in fact, any CD-R. I was able to get the player to finally read the mp3s, after several tries. Seemed like both nights after using the player for a while with a regular cd it would "warm up" and read the mp3s, although the player was at room temp. im use Roxio to burn and Memorex discs, in fact I always have because they worked very well in my old AA player. Does anybody know if AA reccommends a specific disc and burning software? I also had problems with skipping until it was on for a while. Then it was flawless.
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Never heard of this with that player. Maybe the CD Deck was jostled around a bit during shipping. And the lasers are out of alignment a little. Here are some questions, before I send you to customer service....
1) What speed do you burn at?
2) Are you finalizing the disks?

I will try to put up a burning guide to help, when my time allows.
Yup..I do burn at high speed. Never really was a problem on my old player, but I could see where it might be a problem. I too have experimented with different disc brands and always had good luck with Memorex and Imation. Will try the Sony's, thanks for the suggestion. And I will slow down the burn and see if that helps. And also, I do finalize the disc. Bought the Plextor burners because they are supposed to be the best. Thanks for the suggestions.
Just an update...I am using better quality media, and slower burn times. Still have problems, although it seems to help. The right deck will read the mp3 discs, and also cd-r. The left one seems to work only after I play an audio cd in it for a while, then it will read the mp3's. But I can't take it out and try anything else, it won't read them and I have to repeat the process. I bought the player new on ebay, IO know the risks I take with that. I now wonder what step is next?

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