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I'm now the proud owner of a new MCD-510 dual CD player. I picked it up on Saturday, and did a gig with it that night. Worked very well, just like two seperate CD players, but in one unit. Smiler I have another gig this weekend, where they will get a more thorough test. Haven't tried the MP3 thing yet. But it played CD-Rs flawlessly.
I picked it up so I could consolidate everything into one rack unit. Mostly for smaller parties, when I have to climb stairs, and where the "DJ area" is nothing more than the corner of a room.
My only "complaint" (and it's not directed at AA, there are many others who do this) is why put a Looping function on a deck, if it's not seamless? Maybe I'm missing something, but is there a use for a non-seemless loop?

Nice job AA on a decent deck at an affordable price. And thanks to Kevin and the guys at Abracadabra for the hookup! Smiler
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Second gig with the 510. I don't know why I didn't get a dual-deck sooner. Everything went smoothly. And with only having to now carry in one rack with everything connected, my set up & tear down time has decreased alot.
I do miss Tempo Lock, and seemless loop. A built-in BPM counter would have been nice too. BUT, this is not the fault of American Audio. I was on a tight budget, and this was the deck I had to get. Just like any new piece of equipment, I have to adapt my style.
My only mistake was my choice in mixer. Again, due to budget constraints, I couldn't get an American Audio mixer. I probably should have just broke the bank and spent a few more $$ and got a mixer with basic things like: channel EQ controls, channel level meters, balanced outputs, a headphone jack, fader caps (just kidding about the last two). And one that was 3U instead of 4U.

Anyways, the deck has worked well. I've got another test this Friday at a school dance. However, the 510 will be backup. Or maybe I'll try mixing on four decks. Wink

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