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Hi there I'm new to mydmxgo I got it all set up last night but only the master light worked via the question is how do I get light number 2 to communicate. I have the lights set up as master and slave and I'm using a 3 pin xlr cable. to connect the 2 lights.

I'm using a dmx lead from the mydmxgo to the first light (master).Dmx in and the dmx out cable goes to the second light.

I have the master set at the first dmx address as instructed by mydmxgo

but what do i need to do with the slave (second light).



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Hi for any DMX line, master/slave is not the way to go. Master/slave is often used when no DMX controller is preset.
Put the fixtures into DMX mode and set them to the relevant channel mode and DMX address that the app gives you for all of the fixtures.
Just be sure you use DMX out1 on the GO hardware and then continue to daisy chain from the go into light 1, then out of light 1, into light 2, and so on, make sense? 

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