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Nope doesn't work. 

I turn on the beam in scene builder and then pick a position effect.  Line effect trying to keep the Light in front onto the dance floor. But when I turn on the any position effect the the beam goes off. but if i stop play then click on each step the beam is on .. it like a stutter step i cannot get full sweeping effect with the beam on .. not sure what to do I just figured out how to use DMX and now it not working haha.


no beam Vish

Strange behaviour , indeed ! I personally  never had the case. I'm trying to understand what is the plausible cause of your beam being "off".

In the "scene builder" window, the fixtures are on the left hand side and the tools are on the right hand side. OK ?
select your fixture by clicking on it. It should be highlighted with a blue square around it.
Now, in the "Tools" window under the "presets" tab you should have a lightbulb sign. Click it and the fixture selected should turn white or any colour selected in the "Presets" if your fixture is capable of producing colours.

Then you can go into the "position" effect under the "Effects" tab.

Adjust positions and save. Close the "Scene Builder" window

You have now a scene you can visualise step by step under the "Editor" tab and check if the beam is "on" each step (you have also the possibility to adjust each step of your scene by hand). You can visualise the scene in the "Live" tab (under which you can only start or stop the scene, but not edit it).

 Check if any fading could keep bulb "off".

I hop this(basic)  explanation will help you check what is turning wrong

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When you make a pan and tilt effect and you want the intensity recorded into it, you need to check the box for include set levels, that will record the intensity and shutter values into the steps. IF you already generated a sequence and there is no intensity, you can simply select the fixtures, go to the scene and highlight ALL of the steps and then just click the dimmer fader and turn it on to full and that will add it into all the selected steps. Super easy to do.   

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