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Hello, I'm trying to connect my Windows 7 64-bit computer to the Magic 260 using the U-Link cable. I'd like to update the profiles and backup the scenes and profiles that are there.

When I plug in the U-link cable to the computer, it installs the drivers and says that it is properly installed. If I try to install the drivers on the Magic 260 website, Windows responds that the drivers are not compatible with 64-bit.

I'm able to run the Magic 260 software, but when I try to send a file from the board to the computer, the board says it's sending the file, but the software never actually receives any data.

I think the problem is related to the driver for the u-link cable.

Any help is appreciated.
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A common problem with the uLink cable is people plug the wrong end into the computer - you must plug the end with the hardware on it into the computer.

That doesn't sound like your problem if drivers are installing OK. I use uLink with a Windows 7 64-bit, so that isn't the problem either.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the software/drivers.

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