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Hi all,

I am having a hard time trying to get ADJ service to help me out with a problem they created. I sent a Punch Pro LED in for warranty repair. They fixed they light just fine but they did not return the power cord. I inquired about it and they sent me a cord for who knows what but it does not fit or work with a punch pro. Anyway, I cannot get them to help me out with this for some strange reason. Does anyone know if I can just purchase a cord that will work and where I could find one; or know a good point of contact @ ADJ that would be willing to help me out?

Thanks for your time,
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Hello Ric,
I was the person that spoke to you. I was trying to help you out as much as I can but I never received a response from you. I hope I can help you out if you are willing to work with me. You have my email and contact info, please feel free to email me and we will try our best the get this situation taken care of.
Gotta few questions:

I take it you have a desktop or tower computer, or I bet something in your house that is electronic has a removable power cable. Does it look like the type typically used with computers?

If so, it's an IEC cable, you can get them virtually anywhere that sells electronics: Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, Radio Shack, probably even Sears. If you're in California, there is Fry's Electronics. And there's a lot more places.

Typically speaking, it's most likely an IEC cable, it's what most gear companies prefer to use. That's been my experience.

Looks like this?(forgive my ASCII art...)


3 pins inside? That's an IEC. Enjoy.
I maintain a small inventory of IEC cables. They always seem to get misplaced or walk or get lost. So, I try to keep at least 5-10 laying around.

My big fat long IEC's, I fight to keep those! Those suckers are HARD to get. Not just long, but multi-stranded, low gauge and super flexible and durable. I always end up getting them included with these power supplies I order for some modem bank equipment. I snag those big beefy cables and replace them with 18 gauge 10-footers!
We actually maintain a milk crate that has nothing but IECs in it. Any gear on the shelf doesn't have the IEC left in it, so we take from the milk crate when needed and put back when we are done. It is a very good idea to maintain some sort of stock of them since its a standard power cable to just about everything: computers, power supplies, rack mount gear like effects, EQs, and compressors, video switches, projectors, monitors, heck even our Midas consoles and my Hog run off IECs and those cost more then the average person's car does.
I am learning many tricks in this trade and that is a valuable one! I will now have a crate with a few extra.

I do want to thank ADJ and Elation for fixing this problem and a couple others that I have had recently. They are great companies and have awesome customer service. I do want to apologize for my quick assumptions that proved to be wrong. I guess I am spring loaded to this position based on all my other customer service dealings with other companies across the board. It just seems to be standard that the customer has to fight for everything and receives little customer service. Which is not the case for ADJ / Elation...I love you guys.... my apologies and sincere gratitude for your help!!!!


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