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I'm a relatively new light director for my church. Been about 15 years since I've done any real lighting work.

Here's our problem. We have a new building with a Leviton 48i Dimmer system. Along with several 250W fixtures for house lights, we have 8 Opti-Par (Opti-Par W ETL) fixtures for our stage. In the last year, we have blown 11 lamps. We are currently using 575v Ushio HX601 lamps rated at 115v. It appears that we over blowing these lamps because of an over-voltage problem. The filament is balling up at the top and bottom.

I originally was going to replace the lamps with a 120v lamp, but I'm not sure this is the solution. Looking at the fixture, it is only rated at 110v.

In addition, the white plastic ring around the lens, has turned black. I'm really concerned that these things are a fire waiting to happen.

I'm looking for some suggestions - should I replace the lamps, or should we replace entire fixture with a different type?

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In talking with our Service manager. Here are some suggestions. Make sure the Lamps are centered after installing, this is optimizing them for output and making sure they don't touch the reflector. Make sure there are no more than 3 optipars per 20 amp circuit, you could be getting voltage spikes.The discoloration of the ring is not a concern.
I'm planning on replacing the HX601's with 500W EHD lamp. At least one of the fixtures appears to be dead. I'm going to check the Edison plug in the next couple days. We only have 1 Opti-par per 2400W channel. We don't double up at all. The white cans are showing signs of "yellowing" quite a bit around the lamp base as well. As soon as I can get back up to pull the other fixtures down, I'll be able to tell if the other 5 are lamp issues or fixture issues. What is the warranty on these fixtures? Should I be contacting customer service? If so, what is the phone number?

Thanks - Tim
Best Solution:
If you take off the back cap of the opti par and take out the lamp there is a small black piece of metal that the lamp sat inside. It is held on by 2 screws. You can remove these 2 screws and then you can get an HPL575 lamp to fit into your optis. This is the same lamp the fixture the optis are designed after use. I have had good luck and gotten many hours of lamp life
Make sure the position of the are not facing straight downward.They must be at an angle so that the heat has somwhere to escape.If you have been using them all this time facing down you could have damaged the sockets causing crystilazation which kills your lamp life. Smiler The Service Manager gave me that tip. Wink
Just a variant, but would it be permittable to mention companies that people have had good results with?

Granted, this is a "your results may vary" issue, but hey, if we're gonna say nice things, can we credit it?

In my case, I stick with whatever bulbs are available at my local pro music shops or the 150-watt medium beam Par38's available at one hardware store. I've been sticking with the same brand since they only carry the one brand in that wattage.
i find this to be large problem with any lamp like the hx-600's FEL FLK etc. Same situation as alot of projection type lamps ENX etc.. These bulbs have to be put in just right. If they are not then many times sparks will actually happen inside the connector. This will yellow alot of things up and also make it look like the pins of the lamp were burned..
Power surges can def be a problem..
Frequent just blasting the lights to full strength can be a problem.. See if the dimmer rack has a lamp warming feature on it. Would be wise to have a service tech look and adjust. This keeps the filiments warm so they are not put into the high wear of cold to hot..

Someone mentioned the option of using the HPL575 lamps.. This is an awesome way to go. these lamps usually are cheaper , last longer and are brightter.

And im sure you know but make sure no part of the lamp ever comes in contact with your hands.. And avoid shacky aiming when the lamp is hot..

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