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I just saw the page on ADJ's site for the new DJ Spot LED, and was a little confused about this spec.
2500 Lux @ 3M (with a 17 degree beam)
I was a little confounded since you said the Vizi Spots are brighter and their specs show.
1231 Lux @ 3 M (with a 24 degree beam)

Now I know that the DJ Spot is a little newer and has a 25Watt LED compared to the 22Watt on the Vizi, but is the advertising right? Can the DJ Spot LED really be TWICE as bright as the Vizi Spot LED. If it's true no one is going to buy an $800 fixture, when they can get a fixture twice as bright for 1/2 as much money.

So I guess I am saying check with Scott, and find out which of the 2 ratings is wrong. I feel either the Vizi is too low, or the DJ Spot is too high.
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