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Hi, some AV software's don't like the program, you should allow the program through or put your AV software to sleep for the install if you can. 
I personally have used Norton AV for years and have never had an issue. I have never used Avast. 

And of course there are NO viruses or malware of ANY kind in MyDMX 3, or ANY MyDMX software. 
Just be sure you are downloading from our website or from one of our techs with a dropbox link.  

Although this file seemed to be known as an antivirus software as a basic false-positive alert, there is ongoing evidence that suggests that this is quite a dangerous program similar to a Trojan which can trigger a device a lot of harm. A false-positive indicates that the file was not detected by any antivirus program, so it categorized this as a virus and although it just isn’t one. On the other side, a malicious program such as a Trojan is deliberately designed to hack your computer to kill or gain control over your machine. Any Trojans may also house spyware that is meant to steal or submit your sensitive information with hackers. Around 2016, Alexa viruses first emerged and are suspected to be linked to certain video games. In many other cases, though, this can be let loose on computers.

IDP.ALEXA.51 is indeed a detection which is generally associated with “SeaMonkey”, “Plants vs. Zombies” or other video games. It is confirmed that the observed object originates from .tmp or .exe files in separate Windows directories, such as percent AppData percent and percent temp percent. Simply visit this blog to solve this error. (Link removed by admin)

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I have found a solution to solve this error. The threat is usually categorized as false positive detection. This means that the antivirus program that you’ve installed has detected a legitimate or harmless file as risky and either removed or quarantined it. In any case, the detections end up leading to the removal of significant system files or data. But not every threat that is detected is a false positive. Here is the guide

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