Hello Guys,

I Tried to install latest mydmx3 software, but Avast antivirus won't let me do it.
It warns me about IDP.ALEXA.51 virus found in mydmx3.exe file.
Did anyone of you have the same problem? 

My Avast is up-to-date.

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Hi, some AV software's don't like the program, you should allow the program through or put your AV software to sleep for the install if you can. 
I personally have used Norton AV for years and have never had an issue. I have never used Avast. 

And of course there are NO viruses or malware of ANY kind in MyDMX 3, or ANY MyDMX software. 
Just be sure you are downloading from our website or from one of our techs with a dropbox link.  

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