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Ok i did all this from a clean install of my dmx. It was not on my computer at all before i started.
so what i did was download the software from the link on the product page. here is a direct link to the software:

Then I downloaded the 64 bit drivers. found here:

Now before you launch the set up go into your c drive then go into your program files(X86) and create a folder named MyDMX. now launch your install and let it install my dmx software. Once it is done go to your c drive and program (X86) folder and look there for your my dmx folder and open it so you can see the contents. once you have it open take your my dmx 64 bit driver file you installed. (Second link i posted above) and open that folder and copy all those files into my dmx folder. It should prompt you about do you wish to install this driver. hit continue just like i am sure you did on the installation of my dmx. now once those files are there you will notice that if you try to run my dmx it does not do much of anything the software loads but you cannot do anything. Here's where it gets kinda tricky. Download the file Chris has up for us:

Now with that file that you downloaded from Chris's servers open it and then open your my dmx folder. like so:

And move those files in the .zip folder to the my dmx folder as showin in the pic.

And once you are done your folder should look like this.

Now if you see that icon that says my dmx it is an application. shown here.

USE that icon as your desktop shortcut to launch the program. and you can delete the old ESa app icon that you USED to launch my dmx. shown here

After that close all the windows. It may help to restart your computer but thats up to you. Now you SHOULD Get my dmx to detect the interface and start adding profiles and getting DMX Output. It should not strobe like it has with some people. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

P.S why that last Screen shot looks yellow i have no idea. haha
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2 suggestions:

1: With some clean-up, this would make a good PDF for distribution.

2: Speaking of distribution, I think these files should be included in the MyDMX distribution currently downloadable. I think they should be kept sepparate within the ZIP archive so the optional install can occur as users see fit.

Either way, way to go on the new computer. I'm also sure countless people are now running MyDMX in 64-bit Vista now thanks to those docs.
Could not get it to work on my machine until I wiped everything out. Failed both times I tried with the unextracted files still on my desktop. When uninstalled, deleted, and emptied the trash bin, it worked just fine.

Changed the MyDMX shortcut icon to take me to the other application link. That way I can still click on the MyDMX icon on my desktop. Only annoying thing is I have click that and then click run.
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Hello everyone.
Couple things.
1) The link to download March09 version in this post is not valid. My disk that came with MyDMX says March2009 but wanted to try the down load to see if any better.
2) i HAVE 2 PCs that I DJ with my Main is XP SP3 and it runs MyDMX great no problems from the get go. My back up is a laptop running Vista64. I had planned on using this for running MyDMX so I don't have to tab out to MyDMX everytime I want to switch scenes. What a feaking headache I have trying to make this work. I've followed the instructions a few times and I get no where. My DMX opens in USB mode so I know my laptop is finding it, but I can't patch any lights. Is Windows 7 any easier? Also do you know if I downgrade to XP if I loose all of my files on the laptop? I've had many issues with Vista and other DJ programs and MIDI and need to do something different. Maybe even buy and old used laptop with XP on it just for MyDMX >.<
Once you move all those new files into the my dmx folder are you going back to device manager and redoing the drivers? Also i just tried the link to the march2009 .zip that is posted in the instructions above. Link works good. Perhaps we can do cross-loop on Monday and I can give it a try at working on your vista 64 bit. Let me know if your interested.
DJ Watty:

Don't try to share MIDI devices with MyDMX and anything else, AND MyDMX must be the foreground/active application for MIDI to work. It doesn't have a great implementation for MIDI. It works, but it lacks in many areas.

As far as your DJ software not working with MIDI, it could be you need to load some profiles or addition little bits or tweaking to make it happen. Not sure what your issues are, but it's often some sort of silly configuration setting that is easy to overlook. I would highly recommend the route you are taking though by going MyDMX on one laptop and your DJ software on another.
Thanks for the replies. Jingles I think that is where I am having the issue. When I open the device in device manager is says SUIDI 32/64 is installed. I have to take my laptop to my tech tommorow anyways maybe I'll have him look at it.

Chris, I was saying I had troubles in the past with Vista and MIDI. All of my MIDI gear is working fine for DJing. I haven't tried MIDI yet for MyDMX but I do plan on shopping for a MIDI controler that I want to run my DJSpot 250s only so that I can quick control the heads to focus on certain people in the crowd. That is the main reason why I wanted a solo computer running MyDMX because my DJ software needs to be ontop sending and receiving from my Denon 1700, MPK49, ect...

Thank you both. I will try the link and again and try another fresh install.
Please download these two files.
One is the installer file and the other is updated drivers. Please uninstall and delete the my dmx folder you currently have on your PC and install this one. you do not need to install this one in the program filesx86 folder. You can install it to the default location. If after you install this version (april 30 2010) and the device is not connecting with the software please copy and paste the driver files in the "siudu stick 32 64" folder into the my dmx folder and use device manager to update the drivers. Point device manager to the my dmx folder.
Hope this helps.
Not to brag or anything, but I installed the April 2010 release with no issues on a fresh intsall on Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

I did also use the extra drivers. Not sure if it helped, but I don't appear to need to have done anything.

(it become necessary to centralize an animatic, video, programming changes and capture into one location).

Can't say I'm having any issues, at least not with MyDMX.
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