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i have 2  brand new hydro beam x1 fixtures... I have no lamp on for either fixture via dmx control or manual control through the fixtures menu... ive tried 2 different dmx controllers and I have control to all  features. Not sure if I could’ve blown both bulbs when powering up brand new out of box or how.

Anyone else have this issue?

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OK, I bought a second Hydrobeam X1 (HBX1)during labor day sales this year. Now I am trying to set up my Halloween show and I 've manged to screw up both lights by trying to set them up to operate with my WiFly NE1. One worked until I did something in the menu trying to duplicate the settings for both lights.

I have two set of profile made by ADJ support for the HBX1 (14 channel  and 11 channel). At this point I cannot get the lights to respond to the WiFLy and when I power them up, the lights come on but go to blackout mode with no WiFly signal. I reloaded the profiles to the light library and the set the patches for each fixture and still no luck.  I accepted the default DMX channels in the patch loading of 29 for #1 and 43 for #2.

Lamps are powered on but in black out mode on light menu screen.

Both are set for 14 channel profiles and are on WiFly channels 1 & 2.

I'm pissed at myself because I had the first one working and messed up in the menus. Both are set to WyFly & DMX in menus.

I'm sure its a set up error on my part, but its been a year since I had the first HBX1 out for use, and I forgotten how I set it up initially.

Any help appreciated, including a phone call if available.

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