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How can I replace / "update" a fixture in the setup screen without losing the programming?

For example I have a given show with a lot of scenes etc. However, for example I dedect an error within a fixture's profile. When I fix this issue in the profile and afterwords overwrite the file in the right directory (same file name etc.) it will not be automatically updated in my show. I have to delete the given fixture instead, have to close and reopen myDMX for getting the new (updated) profile available in the show. But doing this, my programming is lost.

So, how can I substitute a fixture in the setup directly by a fixture profile out of the ScanLibrary without losing the programming behind?

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But, if you 'll find a solution in the next Version, it whould be great. Because further reasons are, e.g., an improvement of a profile, like you adding a further mode, or the fixture itself was updated by a new firmware with exteded functionality, or you improve the icons of a fixture a.s.o.

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