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alright every1 another question.. HOW DO U REMIX?? like honesslty..I have been trying to beatmix but so many beats are so different.. like does anybody know of a guide or could lend some advice??

but 1 more thing.. I dont know how to do this at all..but you hear on alot of remixs or even the "manyfaces" remixs (which r great) that they just take the vocals and leave the beats behind so you can toss the vocals onto another track..jus take the words and not use the do you do this??? programs??thanks
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Well in hip hop the beat without the lyrics is called a Instrumental. Hip hop instrumentals are widely available on vinyl. Most singles come with a instrumental as well as the original mix. You will never be able to 'perfectly' remove vocals from a track unless your some rich sound engineer that owns a state of the art sound lab, there are some programs that run on PCs that can do a pretty reasonable job, you just have to find them. Many people use mixers that have frequency kills and they take out a range of frequencies in the sound freq. spectrum. The problem is if you got low vocals(located in mids), and you cut out the mid you will be left with a very mellow beat, and vice versa. For beat mixing and stuff you just have to practice, there are some videos available in major online DJ stores, but they wont help you learn beat mixing overnight.
takes allot of practise ive been doing it over a year and still suck at it. you can goto my website click on music and listen to some stuff i have done. but like i said just practice it is gonna take allot of time to figure out. oh and for computer software i would give acid 4.0 a try or cakewalk
well, to be a good remix artist.... u really need to have an ear for music.... just know what will go good with what.... and be able to tell the difference between notes/tunes and so on..... i mean.... anyone can arrange an accapella and an instrumental to go together at the same pace(bpm-wise) but its having the acapella be on the same note as the instrumental throughout the whole song and have it sound clean/natural is what makes remixing hard....
Thanks for the info Guys! Big Grin Now I'm gellin like a fellon! Razzer No, seriously, the source is a great place for the hard to get stuff and that is exactly what I was looking for. Promo Only has a good line, but it is all new stuff, I need some waybacks accapella, and since I just got this new toy (ale$i$$ vocal eliminator) Sorry ADJ, The price was right.... I now can make some really real "OLD SCHOOL style Old School" Cool If that makes any sense ??? Razzer

Keep on Raging Big Grin
As far as beat mixing goes what "dj fobster" said is pretty right on from my experience. I have a dj I am training and he started using "music studio deluxe" from "Magix". He has put together some impressive mixes working with that. I have yet to use it myself. I mix more on the fly but after hearing some of his, I am going to be looking into it. (little bit of the student getting one up on the teacher?) Anyway you can also look into some of the "funky mix" disc's if you have not already. They offer a 18-30 second intro and breaks further into the song that can help out a lot.

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