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Hey everyone,
I'd first like to thank everyone for giving me all the suggestions on the xp3's and autospots. I'd love to get a chance to see the autospot because I may consider getting two if i don't get the xp3.
I have been noticing I can get the max light used for a real low price? I know its an older light but is it still as good as the newer moving ehads out there? Please give me any feedback or pictures. Is it fast? Do the gobos rotate? I'm open to your suggestions. I want some moving head units but just cand decide (max, autospot or xp3) Thanks again
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Originally posted by speedbump:
[qb]The Max is a little different than most moving heads. It has the ability to just spin and spin and spin. Most others (AMDJ or other brands) are restricted to certain angels. Most usually pan about 540derees and tilt about 270degrees.
I would still say hold out for the AutoSpot. I am a bit iffy on the Max.[/qb]

i have to agree w/ SB.
to me the max light is ok but i am a little iffy on the max now. Wink
Get the Max. Its not as bright, but you can do some pretty cool effects! It can spin REALY fast NON-STOP! Which makes it the only one of its kind. It features a rainbow of colors, as well as many different and unique gobo's. You can spin the pan really fast, and keep the tilt at a certain angle, and in fog, it makes for a neat rotating flat beam thing....You can do A LOT with it. Get the Max!!!

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