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Hey, thanks for the response.

He wants to hook it up to play through the mixer. He wants to create tracks and stuff using Adobe Audition, then play those pre-compile tracks using his laptop.

I'm the computer guy so I've been trying to get him to use his laptop to store all his music, as opposed to carrying around crates of CD's, and play the music that way.

What little I do know, is that most newer mixer come with FireWire ports, right? Well his DX5r doesn't have any, so I'm not sure whats the best way to do this.

Thanks again. Sorry if I rambled on...
Well you can either get an 1/8" stereo to stereo RCA cable to hook up to mixer aux. in.

Or the better way is to get a good external sound card (USB or Firewire) and connect the RCA's straight in. I use a Maya EX7.

BTW "most" new mixer do not come with USB or Firewire inputs. Only about 5 total of the few hundred current different mixers available have this option.
I'm sure you could do that with software (ie the windows mixer), but I don't believe the quality would be very good over a PA system. You would be better off going to your local music store and buying a cheap handheld mix for like $25....

Something like this would give you much better sound quality and is very affordable.

600 Ohm microphone

� 600 Ohm microphone
� Low noise - Low distortion
� ON-OFF switch
� XLR connection
� Includes 15 foot detatchable XLR to 1/4" cable
� Great for DJ�s, karaoke, churches, lecturing, or anywhere a quality microphone is needed
� Frequency Response: 50 - 13,000Hz.
� Direction: Cardioid pattern
Price: $24.95

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