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I recently acquired what seemed like a rather fine Focus Spot One, that is until I tried to use my WMX1. I should note that the exterior is impeccable and the FRHS shows as 5 (miracle? We’ll keep reading) The light will not receive or send any DMX signal, and after using a multimeter it doesn’t seem to be the XLR PCB. The light responds to sound, works in show mode, and has full menu control which to me means the display/main PCB for the unit is working? Could it be that only the DMX on the main PCB isn’t working? Upon opening the head, I did notice a good amount of cobwebs and minor dust. It seems like the light was set on a shelf in a garage, potentially in a rather humid environment. Any suggestion is fair play.

Upon further prodding, it seems that the cable connecting the two PCB’s seems to be the issue.


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Hi, you do have the option of sending it in for servicing, you just would have to pay a service fee since the unit is most likely out of warranty. Or we have a parts website where you can find the components you know to be faulty and order them and repair yourself if you feel comfortable.
You can inquire about sending it in for servicing by emailing

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