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Using mydmx 3 software. In my last show that I created everything was working like it should before I shut everything down last night.

Today I found that my scenes are rejecting the fade settings as I go from scene to scene, and the step fades within the scenes are also not being recognized. The fade control in LIVE is turned on. this has me completely stumped where the issue is.

If I load a previous saved show, I do not have the issue.. scenes fade like they should, steps inside the scenes fade like they should.

Anyone have a clue how to fix??

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So weird issue in the first file you sent me, if i go into the patch and look at channels in the list view, it looks like ALL channels that SHOULD have a fade time enabled are OFF....... see pic attached. You can fix it by expanding all fixtures patched and checking the box for the fade enable per channel, just be sure to not enable fading on channels like macros or strobe or shutter channels.
but really its up to you.


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