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Ok. Reset the SSID and the password. Got it logged into the dongle. Now the
internet connection won’t stay connected. I was warned by a few people that
this would be what happens. Constantly dropping out. Is this most people’s
experience? Do I need to stand on my head or wear a tinfoil hat every
other Thursday for it to all work? Beginning to lose hope that this is a
quality product. Are my expectations too high? Any advice on this issue?

*Michael Moyer*
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Hi, if you mean the connection from the GO to the tablet keeps dropping out, then i would try changing the WIFI channel to a less congested number (Typically 10-12 or above) and yes it is quite a common occurrence in some situation with lots of bluetooth and wifi going on all over the place, it can interfere.
The top two things are to check the wifi channel for a less congested one, or bring your own router and create your own private network that is more robust than the one created by the GO. I've attached a PDF on how to do this that was created by a GO user.


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