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ok well first off welcome to the ADJ forums. your controller holds any dmx lights up to 16 chanels per fixture. so if u want u could just as easily add both of the leds to one fixture button. if so here is how you do it. you first fixture should be addressed to 1 and the next one addressed to 5. or if u want to use two fixture buttons on ur controller address the second one to 17. i assume u have dip switches on those lights. do u need help with dip switches? sincerely,
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When you say fixture/address is that on the controller or the jumpers?,you mean on the Controller?
And yes I need help with the dip switches also.
As you see I am new to all this
Setup is 2 lights and one controller for now.
Just want to be able to control eacj light differently.

Thanks for all the help
(instructions assume you know what all the terminology means)
only thing i don't understand is "jumpers" lol. Ok u address on the units and plug them in via dmx going dmx out of controller in to light outto next light then for you that is the end of the line for now. now on most DMX lines it is recommended to use a terminator but you dont have to worry about that for now. here is a pic of what the dip switches are and the corresponding values.

now for your lights ur gonna need the first dip up and the rest down. unless dip 10 (if u have one) might need to be up for DMX mode i don;t know for sure. for your second light if u want it to be on the same fixture button it needs to have dips 3 and 1 up on ur second fixture. ok? once these are properly addressed they will work on your controller. if u want the second led to be on the next fixture button dips 5 nd 1 need to be up. understand? peace! hope this helps. sincerely,

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